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  • What is microblading?
    Microblading is also known as eye embroidery, its a procedure caterogarized under permanent make up, but unllike traditional permanent cosmetics is less invasive and considered temporary. Microblading lasts between 18-24 months depending on body mechanics and skin care regimen. The procedure is done with a tand tool that includes tiny needles together in the shape of a blade, forming a hair each stroke. Microblading can dramatically enhance your eyebrow appearance biy giving it a fuller and shaped look.
  • How long is the service duration?
    For the first microblading session it will take about 2.5-3 hours to complete, during this session the artist will map out and draw the shape of the eyebrow symmetrical to the clients facial features. We then follow with the pigment selection once the client is satisfied with the shape and pigment color we then begin the procedure. The client must return for a minor necessary touch up 6 weeks later after initial session and the duration will be between 1.5-2 hours long.
  • How long is the healing process?
    The surrounding areas of your eyebrows will be slightly red and seem dark after procedure. This is normal and after healing is finished you will loose 40% of the color intensity. As the healilng process continues you will notice slight scabbing, do not attempt to pick at the scabs for it will ruin the end result of the microblading and also cause scarring of the skin. it takes about 10-14 days for the eyebrows to heal, youll notice the pigment to appear very light. theres no down time after microblading and it takes about 1 month the color to fully set in.
  • Is the touch up session necessary?
    .YES! during the touch up session you will be adding strokes and might need to thicken the eyebrow along with adjusting the pigment. during the touch up session we will be perfecting the eyebrows and making sure they are perfected to last the whole year.
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