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Our Story

we started in the health and beauty industry back since 2005 as massage therapists and estheticians, working and gaining  experience through out different atmospheres from private owned, high end retail, and 5 star hotel spas. While our love for the beauty industry has grown stronger each year, we continue to further our skills by learning advanced techniques as technology advances with time. 

Eyebrows like never before have become an enormous trend world wide, previous eyebrow styles have left a lot of us women with little to none left, leaving us to resort to shaping and applying brow make up daily consuming our precious time and unfortunately not all of us are gifted with an artist vision and talented hands therefore the results don't end as we would hope.  Now thanks to a modern technique with permanent cosmetics known as Microblading, our eyebrows have a savior! hallelujah!!

Here at Michelle's Brow Therapy we have trained and gained experience through out the years giving us the opportunity to work on clientele with different wants and needs and being able to deliver each ones wants and needs.

call us today and set up a free live consultation!

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